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We know you’re busy—you’ve got a business to run. With our simple online application, you’ll know within minutes whether you qualify for up to $100,000 in funding. Access your money as soon as the same day with a First Interstate deposit account.

Business Line of Credit*

A revolving line of credit gives you peace of mind in the form of additional working capital for your business. The funds are available when you need them. Use the money to buy inventory, cover unexpected expenses, seasonal cash flow, or to bridge the gap between monthly payables and receivables. Best of all, with a revolving line of credit, as soon as you repay the balance, you can borrow up to the credit limit again without applying for another loan.

  • Line of credit from $10,000 to $100,000
  • Variable rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime
  • Term: Open line of credit
  • Monthly interest payments with principal due on demand
  • Access your money when you need it—online with Online Banking, by phone, or at any First Interstate branch
  • Collateral Required: Unsecured

*Loans are subject to credit approval. Some restrictions and loan fees may apply.

From commercial and small business loans to agricultural loans, First Interstate has a diverse mix of borrowing options for your business.

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Control expenses and cash flow with a business credit card.

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Why apply online?

Quick, Easy Funding

We know running a business can be unpredictable and sometimes requires fast access to financing. Get funding as quickly and easily as possible so you can focus on what’s important—running your business.

Safe, Secure Financing

Keeping your financial information safe is our top priority. Our security measures include a firewall preventing unauthorized access and communication only through secure web browsers with data encryption.

Simplified Application

With our short online application and quick decisioning, you’ll know quickly whether you qualify for up to $100,000 in funding.

Learn more about our business lending options by speaking with a banker in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The online application takes about 15 minutes to complete. The following information is needed to complete the online application:

  • Business and personal tax ID
  • Gross annual business revenue
  • Total monthly business debt services (principal and interest)
  • Total assets, liabilities, and net worth
  • Last tax year’s business net income
  • Total personal adjusted gross income
  • Current business and personal checking and savings account balance totals

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, or Wyoming. Subject to credit approval.

Unsecured lines of credit offer a faster approval process because proof of collateral is not required. If your business needs immediate funding and does not already have a revolving line of credit, an unsecured line of credit is the quickest option for credit access. Secured loans are backed by pledged assets that decrease the risk of lending for a bank. Because there is no collateral, unsecured loans typically have higher interest rates and require a higher credit score.

A revolving line of credit means your business can access money whenever you need it—with no pay-down requirement—and continue to use the money after the initial draw. The funds may be paid back at any time, and you can only borrow up to the predetermined line of credit limit. Once the limit is reached and the funds are paid back, you may continue to draw from the line and continue the cycle as often as necessary.

A business line of credit allows you to draw from the line as needed, helping improve cash flow and short-term working capital when your business faces unforeseen opportunities and expenses. Advantages include:

  • Immediate access to funds
  • Increased business flexibility
  • Only paying on the outstanding balance, as opposed to the entire line amount

There are many ways you can use a business revolving line of credit to take advantage of growth opportunities and support operating expenses. Examples include:

  • Small remodeling, renovating, or expansion business projects
  • Paying off or paying down credit cards or cash advances
  • Offsetting unexpected expenses and situations
  • Purchasing inventory or other assets
  • Securing unexpected growth or investment opportunities